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Marmalade and Admob 6.2.1

Finally I was able to upgrade admob to support latest 6.2.1

Also SMART_BANNER support is added.

Both Android and iOS. The problem was iOS. Marmalade StoreKit.framework is missing 2 functions.

Dest: /Developer/Marmalade/6.1.2/s3e/deploy/plugins/iphone/sys_libs/System/Library/Frameworks/StoreKit.framework/StoreKit
Source: /Applications/


It is possible to compile it by replacing Marmalade StoreKit.framework file that has STUB function with original iOS SDK 6 framework file.

Once Marmalade will upgrade StoreKit.framework you can switch back to marmalade original framwork.

Compiled on Marmalade 6.1.2

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