rooFacebook2 is Facebook extension for Marmalade SDK

It differs from original s3eFacebook

  1. It stores access_token (User do not have to login manually every time app is launched)
  2. You can set access_token manually
  3. Parameters are passed as JSON (So you have to make 1 call instead of 3-4 calls)
  4. Supports more FB functions like extendAccessTokenIfNeeded, etc
  5. SSO support on Android. To implement it you have to re-compile android loader for and add small portion of code. Hopefully Marmalade team will open source loader or will add similar functionality. I have implemented custom activity instead.
  6. rooFacebook2 is early and buggy. It may have memory leaks on iOS (release could be missing somewhere)


PS: I was allowed to publish modified loader
PSS: Modified loader is not required anymore. I use custom loader from now. Thanks to MonRoyals from Marmalade forum.

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